E L I S E  M O R R I S
Painting is an intuitive process of creating space, a layering of experiences that evokes both unexpected complexity and the bareness of the moment. It is a process of being present to what comes, to new subtleties.

Wherever I am, lately I find myself looking to the light. I look through the trees, in the heavy clouds, at the reflections in the creek. It is ever changing and always there, a basic element in our daily experience. It is the light that makes the shadows that I so love to draw. Where there is light, there is clarity and warmth, and the hope of what is ahead.

I am seeking that glimmer when the surface of the painting truly becomes the edge of a space. The elemental light is exposed and I am immersed, beckoning to something much more expansive.


Wild Open
Bryant Street Gallery
Palo Alto, CA
November 2014
Reception: Friday, Nov. 7th, 6-8 pm

I have a limited edition of 10 prints of Day's Wisp for sale! Image is 12" x 20", and just $50!

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